Getting Python

You can download Python from here:

For Windows

Download Python 3.6.4

Download Python 2.7.14

For Linux

Download Python 3.6.4

Download Python 2.7.14

For Mac OS X

Download Python 3.6.4

Download Python 2.7.14

Installing Python


Go to setup file then click on Install now an option for installing python.

To follow along

Install Jupyter notebook

Why Jupyter notebook?

Jupyter is built on the IPython project and allows for interactive python to be run in your browser. But it is so much more than that. From bash commands to special “magic” and “plugins”, Jupyter enhances the Python coding experience greatly.

Steps for Installation

Step1: To install Jupyter notebook, simply go to command prompt and type “pip install Jupyter”.

Step 2: After installation, start your notebook by running “Jupyter notebook” in your working directory via command prompt.

Typically Jupyter will open automatically once it starts up, but if not, point your browser over to localhost:8888.
Below is the screenshot of how Jupyter notebook initialized in the browser.