Built-in Functions

Inbuilt functions are those which comes already in Python while installing Python on your machine. Either it comes in a module as a function or directly inside a main class of Python.

Let’s get started, will look through some of the inbuilt functions. Though there are so many will discuss a few over here.

One of the good and mostly used examples is print() itself.

Converting from one type to another type

Some other examples of inbuilt functions are :

  1. all() – returns true when all elements in iterable are true
  2. any() – Checks if any Element of an Iterable is True
  3. bool() etc.

For more functions, you can refer to Python documentation -: https://docs.python.org/3/library/functions.html

Hope you understand the usage of inbuilt functions. In the next blogs will discuss more the inbuilt modules. Stay tuned!

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