First Class Function

First class functions are functions which can be returned from another function, which can be passed as parameters into another function.

Properties of the first-class function -:

  1. Store the function in a variable and execute it later by adding parenthesis.
  2. Return one function from another function.
  3. We can pass the function as a parameter

Let’s see the properties of the first-class function through example.

1. First class function – How to create a variable of a function and then pass the args.

2. First class function – How to return a function from another function?

3. First class function – How to pass a function as an argument.

So, these are some properties of the first class function, in upcoming blogs will see how to use these first-class function properties in closures etc.

Hope, you enjoyed reading this blog. Stay tuned with us! Keep learning Python with us!

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