Scatter and Bubble Plot


Till now, we have seen Line Plots, Bar chart and Histogram and how to build them using matplotlib. Now it is a turn of Scatter plot and Bubble plot. Let’s deep dive into the details of these charts i.e, when to use and how to build.

Scatter Plot

This is similar to line plots which are used to see the relation between the two variables either independent or dependent. In line plots by default line is drawn while in the case of Scatter plots, dots is been used by default.

Bubble Plot

bubble plot is a variation of the scatter plot that displays three dimensions of data (x, y, z). The data points are replaced with bubbles, and the size of the bubble is determined by the third variable ‘z’, also known as the weight. Let’s explore these charts.

We have used one dataset throughout the series of matplotlib that is of Automobiles/Cars attributes and prices dataset. We have done some pre-processing in the dataset before being used for plotting. For that, you can refer to this blog.

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