Introduction to Intermediate Python

Introduction to Intermediate Python

Python is an amazing language with a strong and friendly community of programmers. So, in the first phase of Python, we covered basics involved in Python which covers data types, how to create functions in python, loops in python, etc.
In this, intermediate python we will deep dive into the concepts of python which makes it reusable and modular. It should follow the DRY rule i.e, Don’t repeat yourself.

Intermediate Python should follow some of these rules -:

  1. Modular – It should be easily used by anyone for any new project or by you itself. It should follow the DRY(Don’t repeat yourself) property. The code should be efficient.
  2. Maintainable – It should be maintainable by anyone. One can modify it and easily able to save it and use for the future.
  3. Scalable

In this blog series, we discuss powerful functions of python which makes it easy to use and understand. The code will be short enough to avoid extraneous lines by using inbuilt library function of python or its own functionality like the map, lambda functions, list comprehensions, etc. It is going to be amazing to learn these functions only in one place.,
To write code in Python, one should follow PEP8 guidelines to make your code more readable and accurate. These guidelines involve such as white spaces, indentation, docstring, etc. You can follow this python PEP8 documentation to read about it fully.
Hope you will enjoy this series as we are going to a whole lot of crazy and amazing stuff to make your code better.
Stay tuned!
Enjoy learning Python!


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