Leaky Relu Activation Function

Leaky ReLU is an activation function which induces a small negative slope to ReLU, to keep the neurons alive.

x: an input data point


Though Leaky ReLU isn’t much significant, it is better than ReLU, because it addresses the problem of dead neurons.


# Leaky ReLU
def leaky_relu(x):
    result = []
    for i in x:
        if i<0:
            i = 0.01*i
    return result

y = leaky_relu(x)
plot_graph(x, y, 'Leaky ReLU') 

Use cases:

Used in feedforward neural networks. Can find the applications of Leaky ReLU in Automatic Speech Recognition systems.



Address the problem of dying neurons by inducing a small negative slope and utilises the same boundedness and unboundedness properties of ReLU.



No significant result improvement except in sparsity and dispersion.


Though the outputs form a zero-centered distribution, the one-sided saturation leading to convergence isn’t attained effectively.


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