Parameterized Relu Activation Function

Parameterized ReLU or Parametric ReLU activation function is a variant of ReLU. It is similar to Leaky ReLU, with a slight change in dealing with negative input values.

  x: an input data point

If  then PReLU becomes ReLU. While the positive part is linear, the negative part of the function adaptively learns during the training phase.

Range: ()

# Parametric ReLU
def param_relu(x, a=0.1):
    result = []
    for i in x:
        if i<0:
            i = a*i
    return result

y = param_relu(x, a=0.1)
plot_graph(x, y, 'Parametric ReLU') 

Use cases:

Though it is treated as an alternative to ReLU, Parametric ReLU can be used in large scale image recognition tasks.


This function induces a learnable parameter  which controls the  negative slope. Also utilises the properties of unboundedness and boundedness of ReLU.


Though the lower bound parameter  induce variation, the one-sided saturation doesn’t lead to better saturation.


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