Titles, Labels, Legends in graph

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In the previous blog, we have seen the data with which we are going to work and then some data pre-processing. We have explored the line plots using that data. Now, will explore a little bit of customization while making graphs.


Using this we are giving the title to each graph. It will show what is about this graph.


Labels are associated with the axis. xlabel is associated with x-axis and ylabel will be associated with y-axis.


It is used when multiple lines/plots in the same graph and we want to add different labels for each plot. Let’s see with the help of examples.

Customizing graphs using Labels, Titles, Legend, changing figure size.

We have used one dataset throughout the series of matplotlib that is of Automobiles/Cars attributes and prices dataset. We have done some pre-processing in the dataset before being used for plotting. For that, you can refer to this blog.

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